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Blockchain4belgium aims at positioning Belgium, including its Regions, in the European & global Web3 & Blockchain landscape.


Let's think and act together!
Blockchain4Belgium is a component of a #SmartNation mindset.

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Foreword by Mathieu Michel

Secretary of State for Digitalization, in charge of Administrative Simplification, Privacy Protection and Building Control

  • "Together, we must be ambitious, convergent and inclusive to develop a #SmartNation mindset. Today, Belgium must take an important decision for its future, by affirming its digital sovereignty, by displaying its support for innovation which will make it possible to attract new capital, create jobs, promote growth, and increase the retention and attraction of human talent who are experts in these technologies."

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Gartner forecasts that the business value generated by blockchain will grow rapidly, reaching €170 billion by 2025 and more than €3 trillion by 2030.

Be part of the future of Belgium by discussing in one of the different blockchain topics

Strengthen the attractiveness of Belgium and its fundraising methods

How to attract talents on blockchain skills?

Could we put in place in Belgium mechanisms such as Estonia Startup Visa, French Tech passport?

How can we attract foreign investments?

What communication to set up internationally?

How to convey it particularly through the channels of our foreign trade agencies (FITT, AWEX, BIE)?

What success stories to put forward to attract foreign capital? How to get more international funding from the European Commission, foundations?

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Elaborate country benchmarking

What are the global and EU perspectives and outlook concerning current & future market opportunities, employment, ... on Blockchain, Digital Assets & Web3?

What are the most inspiring experiences or best practices we see abroad? Particularly in United Kingdom and leading EU countries like Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, France, The Netherlands?

What is the current (legal) framework defined by the European Commission?

What are the current hot topics on European and National Level?

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Stimulate the blockchain ecosystem creation

Which are the most vibrant ecosystems at global & European level today?

What would be the mission of a national coalition on blockchain?

What would be the charter of such an informal organization?

What should we put on the agenda?

Who are the members?

How to maintain a live mapping of the key players in Belgium?

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Demystify blockchain technology: Understand / Educate / Communicate

It remains rather unclear what an average audience understands about blockchain and its potential. Most of the time, Blockchain raises questions, and is almost systematically associated with speculation on crypto-currencies. As often is the case for emerging technologies, blockchain needs to be better understood to appreciate the entire industry and parallel world built upon it.

The purpose of this group will be a.o (among others) to reflect on the following themes :

  • • Drafting of a white paper explaining what blockchain technologies are
  • • Conducting a study on the perception of blockchain and its applications for and by Belgian citizens, enterprises and public institutions
  • • Design and propose to develop a training plan for citizens, professionals, students, public institutions
  • • Produce informative content that can be used by members of the ecosystem to raise awareness during presentations

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Evolution of the legal aspects

The growth of distributed trust networks, such as blockchain, may change the way information is stored and how transactions occur. What are the legal implications of using blockchain technologies, in a personal or professional context? Which legislative initiatives have been taken already?

This group seeks to provide a broad view of the relationship between blockchain and the Law, its effects on legal activities and how the Law can be used as an enabler in blockchain related transactions.

The purpose of this group will be a.o (among others) to reflect on the following themes :

  • • Provide an overview of existing EU and Belgian regulatory and legal frameworks
  • • Collect views from stakeholders on EU directives and their transposition and their recommendations
  • • Reflect on potential evolutions of the legal and regulatory status of blockchain products

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Promote the use of blockchain and Web3 technologies in our economy

How to promote the use of Blockchain, Digital Assets & Web3 and their integration into the economy?

What would be the next steps to create an active bottom-up ecosystem in Belgium related to Blockchain, digital assets and Web3 technologies?

Which are the most dynamic ecosystems at global and European level?

  • • What would be the missions of a national Blockchain coalition?
  • • What would be the charter of such an organisation?
  • • What would its roadmap be?
  • • Who would its members be?

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Clarify the Tax Regime

What does blockchain mean for tax authorities, for people, for enterprises? Blockchain is likely to be of value for all.

How could new initiatives/mechanisms to raise funding look like? (kickstarter, tax shelter, sandboxes, sovereign funds,... )?

The purpose of this group will be a.o (among others) to reflect on the following themes :

  • • Which framework agreements (for FPS Finance and Office for Advance Tax Rulings) for compliance and analysis of corporate and personal transactions can be developed? (for example: discussion will be to debate also about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial DEX Offering (IDO), Security Token (STO), ...)
  • • Describe the existing accounting and tax treatments framework and potential opportunities for clarification/simplification for citizens and enterprises.
  • • Identify new fundraising initiatives and techniques

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Government - Use cases definition

What should be the first blockchain, digital assets or web3 opportunity for the government?

How to prioritize other ideas? How to approach blockchain use cases in the public sector?

The purpose of this group will be a.o (among others) to reflect on the following themes:

  • • Government Data
  • • AI & Blockchain
  • • Certification
  • • Self-sovereign identity
  • • Energy, environment & climate
  • • Administration's infrastructure
  • • Health
  • • Mobility
  • • SME Financing
  • • ....

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